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          來源:http://www.bsyuanlin.com  發布時間:2022-04-02 16:03:16  

            Now many things will have a perfect state in front of our eyes, aluminum coil due to good weather resistance, strong metal sense, strong applicability and other characteristics suitable for many environments. But you may see the existence of aluminum coil color difference, then, why there will be aluminum coil color difference? Aluminum coil manufacturers to analyze the reasons for you.
            Material in the oxidation treatment due to the potion composition, content, concentration, temperature, treatment time and other factors affect the treatment effect will lead to the production of the product effect is not the same;
            In the closed coloring process of the product, due to the existing color difference in the production of material pre-treatment, resulting in the difficulty of sample matching, color matching and color matching;
            Different batches of raw material aluminum coil metal element content and material texture can not be consistent, coloring treatment after many adjustments and sample evaluation is difficult to achieve the same effect as the sample.
            Aluminum coil color difference factors have many aspects, raw materials, treatment potion, treatment time, treatment temperature and so on. Aluminum coil color difference this is unavoidable, but also as a characteristic of the anode aluminum coil, each enterprise will standardize a range of color difference, within the range of products are normal.

            In addition, the first step of aluminum coil deep processing is to cut aluminum coil, mainly to determine the shape and size of aluminum coil, followed by process molding, and then sheet metal processing. These processes and steps are to prepare for the deep processing of aluminum coils. The second step of aluminum coil deep processing is the surface spraying of aluminum coil, aluminum coil surface coating can effectively prevent rust and corrosion, but also has a variety of excellent characteristics.
            Artificial spraying is generally used in construction, because the coating has certain characteristics. Therefore, it is best to take corresponding protective measures when spraying, because for the workpiece with complex shape, the machine can not be sprayed well, so the general shape of the flat plate using mechanical spraying.
            If you want to better use aluminum coil, then it is necessary to understand all aspects of aluminum coil content. This is aluminum coil manufacturers explain the reason of the existence chromatism, hope to be able to give you the confused answer, would you please come to our website http://www.bsyuanlin.com for more content is consulting understanding.