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          來源:http://www.bsyuanlin.com  發布時間:2022-03-31 16:58:42  

            Aluminum plate in the whole process of application, it is inevitable to encounter a lot of problems, some problems are caused by poor practical operation in the whole process of application in the middle and late period. Therefore, aluminum plate manufacturers will talk about the following aluminum plate grease treatment matters.
            Oil stains and does not mean that after stained with aluminum plate production, just after cold rolling of aluminum plate, aluminum plate aluminum manufacturers in tip appearance brought too much oil, but also added the remaining oil, except rolling oil film in the middle to produce products to carry out the query and segmentation, will be found out that the human eye so grease in appearance.
            After grease removal, the oxide must be removed from the aluminum plate. In order to remove oxides, it is necessary to physically strip the material from the surface of the aluminum plate. Make sure the brush is clean, preferably one with soft bristles. This is because, instead of removing, there is the possibility of wiping the oxide. Another option is chemical removal.

            The ideal choice for this method is a strong base solution. The workpiece can be fully immersed in the solution or the oxide can be removed using a spray bottle. These solutions are usually phosphoric acid based or may contain hydrofluoric acid, so be careful when using these solutions. No matter which option you use, after cleaning the metal, you must wait enough time to dry it completely.
            First, make sure there is no grease in the welded metal. This is because impurities in the aluminum plate interfere with welding and can lead to defects. Metal surfaces look nice to the naked eye, but are easy to rub off oils, grease, and other liquids that cannot be removed. Many people rub metal with a cloth or brush, but this does not remove grease effectively. Just walking around, things get worse.
            Is there no way to avoid this problem at the point of production? Nature is not, in fact, aluminum plate manufacturers can produce aluminum plate before the production of machinery and equipment to carry out a comprehensive strict inquiry. If there will be a lot of grease in the mechanical equipment itself, it should be cleaned up immediately and find a reason for proper handling. More content to http://www.bsyuanlin.com.