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          來源:http://www.bsyuanlin.com  發布時間:2022-03-29 16:20:26  

            In recent years, more and more aluminum curtain walls are used in large areas, and there are more and more sealing failures. The danger of aluminum plate seal failure is that curtain wall leakage can easily damage the interior of the building, corrode the anchor parts of the curtain wall and affect the safety of the building. At the same time, seal failure increases the energy consumption of the building. Here, we will analyze common causes of aluminum plate seal failure and find effective solutions.
            It is often found that the interface of aluminum plate will crack when sealant is used, especially the seasonal change, the temperature difference between day and night is particularly large, and the plate shrinks when the temperature is reduced, which is due to the stretching of excessive sealant.
            This is mainly because the displacement capacity of sealant does not meet the actual requirements. In the selection of aluminum plate sealant, silicone sealant should be the first choice, and the quality of the product should be selected. Instead of being cheap, choose a silicone sealant that contains a lot of "white oil".

            Some irresponsible manufacturers even use this as a selling point because "white oil" is cheap and can make the surface of newly printed sealant brighter and brighter.
            Many aluminum plate manufacturers pay more attention to this kind of film, but with the gradual evaporation of white oil, the colloid itself will become hard and easy to break. When using silicone sealant, we should also pay attention to the shelf life of the product. After the expiration of the product, it is easy to cause bubbles, performance decline or non-curing at the adhesive joint.
            In order to ensure good adhesion between sealant and aluminum plate during site construction, cleaning agent recommended by adhesion test report should be used for cleaning. Alcohol solvents may not be effective in removing contaminants from polyester powder coatings.
            Use a two-step cleaning process, using a white, clean, soft, absorbent, non-fuzz cotton cloth, first with a solvent-soaked cotton cloth wipe, and then with a second piece of clean cotton cloth filled with sealant to tightly adhere to the entire interface and sealant bonded to the substrate surface.
            Of course, there are many waterproof sealing ways, including structural waterproof, internal waterproof and rubber sealing. The price of different sealing ways is not the same. Choose the appropriate sealing way for the project to ensure the function and exterior decoration effect of the curtain wall. Do you have any questions about that? If there are new questions, you may come to our http://www.bsyuanlin.com customer service personnel.