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          來源:http://www.bsyuanlin.com  發布時間:2022-03-26 17:31:58  

            In the process of production and processing of aluminum plate, there will be a large amount of waste aluminum, which is usually the remnant or the leftover material after trimming. How should such materials be handled? Let the aluminum plate manufacturer explain how to deal with the waste aluminum plate.
            Usually the scraps or stubs are aluminum blocks with regular shapes and no impurities in them. Almost every aluminum processing company mixes this waste aluminum with aluminum ingots, remelts them and produces them again, which can reduce the output of the company, and this waste can actually be said to have the same properties as aluminum ingots.
            Another type of aluminum was found to have quality problems after production because it was not mixed with other materials. This type of aluminum plate is not allowed to be put directly into the aluminum ingot plant for reheating. But this kind of waste aluminum recycling must ensure the same brand and material, otherwise the chemical composition of the product produced is not qualified.
            If it's sawing waste, which is what we call aluminum chips, there's a certain amount of sand or other material mixed in. In principle, only waste aluminum can be processed, not recycled. This batch of products will lead to problems, not worth the loss.

            The recycling of aluminum scraps should pay attention to the following points: when processing workpiece of a certain material grade, it should be collected in time to prevent aluminum scraps from mixing. When recycling, the aluminum chips in the chassis of various machine tools should be cleaned up. The recycled waste aluminum shall be classified strictly according to grade, placed in the specified compartment of the yard, and marked with the type and grade of waste aluminum. , if conditions are available, remelting should be carried out in time to avoid mixing. Sundries, yarns, cotton yarns and other sundries mixed with aluminum shavings should be avoided.
            If the waste aluminum is treated, the production cost will be reduced and the production efficiency will be improved. However, if the production of aluminium scrap processing method is undeserved, not only will not reduce the waste of the enterprise, it will lead to economic losses, so be very rigorous, aluminium scrap processing more to http://www.bsyuanlin.com consultation!