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          來源:http://www.bsyuanlin.com  發布時間:2022-03-24 13:31:12  

            In fact, aluminum plate processing will be transported out to the hands of buyers, but many cases will cause problems in the process of transportation because of this and that reason, so what is the mode of transportation of aluminum plate? What should I pay attention to during transportation?
            Transportation mode of aluminum plate includes cars, trains, ships and other means of transportation. During transportation, aluminum plate shall not be mixed with active chemical products and wet materials, and at the same time keep the carriage and ship warehouse dry, clean and pollution-free.
            It is best to use a closed carriage or boathouse for the shipment of aluminum plates, or a crane ship for shipment, but in the process of transportation, it must be tightly covered and tied with rain and snow sheets to ensure that the packaging is intact. Boxes and aluminum products do not take in water, rain or snow.

            When the transfer is reversed, the aluminum plate is best stored in the warehouse. If stored in a simple warehouse or open storage, must be tightly covered with rain and snow proof cloth, the bottom of the packing box should be padded, the pad height is not less than 100mm, the packaging box and formed aluminum foil roll hoisting, loading and unloading should be careful to avoid damage to the packaging box and aluminum foil.
            Although the packaging workshop has done a relatively tight, moisture-proof packaging and measures, but if the transportation process needs to add rain cloth, avoid the aluminum packaging due to weather reasons to avoid water, avoid bumping during loading and unloading. The aluminum plate is safely delivered to the user.
            In addition, manufacturers should consider which logistics cooperation before carrying out aluminum transportation. After all, the same route, different logistics costs are different, and the choice of logistics company should be considered comprehensively, not only look at the price. There is not know can call the above http://www.bsyuanlin.com contact telephone counseling.